Bespoke Furniture and Specialist Joinery

Contemporary oak bedroom and bathroom furniture and bespoke doors

When Architectural designer Kevin Brennan, of Brinkworth design consultancy, required bespoke furniture and specialist joinery for a luxury house refurbishment, his attention was drawn to King Cabinet Makers. Initial meetings to discuss the designs with Kevin and the client resulted in us being commissioned to create furniture for; the open plan bedroom and bathroom; solid and veneered oak panelling, doors and door linings; and contemporary custom made stainless steel doors to cover heating and plumbing work.

Bespoke Bedroom and Bathroom Furniture.

The key objective was to ensure the open plan bedroom and bathroom worked together and all furnishing complimented each other. We achieved this by creating oak furnishings throughout in the same style.

In the bedroom, the initial designs included a chunky floating shelf behind the bed with draws either side to hold electrical equipment, sockets and provide storage. Working with these designs, we created an opportunity to provide hidden storage by matching the grain all the way along and sitting the draw edges tightly against the shelving. The same was achieved with the bathroom shelf where we mitred the draw edges ensuring when closed the draw sat flush. These clever draw solution worked so well that at first many thought we had forgotten the draws!

Oak Panelling and Bespoke Doors

Using veneered and solid oak, we hand crafted and fitted oak panelling and doors throughout the property. The contemporary style incorporated the specified modern lighting. Shadow gaps were used to create a flush face.

We also crafted bespoke stainless steel doors to cover the heating and plumbing work in the kitchen area. The chunky doors, hang from hidden ‘Soss’ hinges and sit beside the refrigeration unit creating a large stainless steel block architectural feature to the side of the kitchen.

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